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Ajit Chandran
World Music: Indian Classical/Light/Fusion Music Stream

Born in Mannarghat (Mannarkkad), a beautiful small town in the valley of Sahya Ghats in the  southern state of Kerala in India, Ajit is an artist at heart and an engineer by profession.  Ajit pursues his passion in music by expressing  himself as a singer, and through his compositions, in his time away from the day-job at the Technology Strategy/Planning Division of Bank of America. Formally trained in Indian Classical Music, Ajit believes in the universal nature of music and explores the possibilities of every sound and every musical system that is out there.

This is the web space where Ajit shares his works and renditions for the review of music enthusiasts like you. Please take a few minutes to listen to some of his original works, Carnatic renditions as well as reproductions of popular Indian Film Songs.

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Formal Training:

Ajit started learning to sing from his mother Nirmala Ramachandran and received formal education from desciples of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, starting from Guru Shri Krishnahunni, Smt Kalyani Amma, Smt Thulasi Warassiar and Shri S. Mahadevan. Got his advanced training under Chembai C.K. Venkataraman, a prominent violin artist from Palghat and started performing in the Carnatic Concert Circle in Palghat at the age of 14. Currently in Chicago, USA, Ajit continues his research and education under Shri. Govinda Sreenivasa Rajan, a desciple of Mysore Vasudevacharya and Varadacharya.